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Stem cell Roundup

by Jesse ReynoldsGenetic Crossroads
July 16th, 2008

Letter of support for SB 1565
The Center for Genetics and Society sent this letter to the California Assembly Appropriations Committee in support of SB 1565, a bill to modify governance of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). The bill, co-authored by Senator Sheila Kuehl (D-Santa Monica), is opposed by the CIRM.

Stem cell lobbyists decide Sen. Sheila Kuehl isn't really craven, ignorant, mindless, and dumb
A stem cell research lobbying group led by the CIRM's chair, Robert Klein, issued and then retracted a scathing letter aimed at state senator Sheila Kuehl as part of its campaign against a reform bill she is sponsoring. The incident led to Klein resigning as president of the lobbying organization. He should now keep the promise he made when he first took the reins at the CIRM: At that time, to assuage criticism of his conflicts of interest, he promised to serve only half his term.

The New Push for Eggs for Stem Cell Research in California
The CIRM's chair and president recently called for revoking a critical rule established by its own Standards Working Group to protect the health of women who provide eggs for cloning-based stem cell research. Robert Klein and Alan Trounson argue that the rule is interfering with the aims of a handful of researchers and biotech companies. But their effort is far from warranted.

Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie
The CIRM has commissioned a new report on the economic impact of stem cell research in California. Any realistic economic analysis is unlikely to show the CIRM in good light during a period of drastic budget cuts. And by reviving past controversy, revisiting the economic argument may backfire.

Digging Themselves a Hole
In the wake of new methods of deriving fully potent stem cells without destroying embryos, stem cell researchers and advocates appear to be falling into two camps.

New Jersey Ends Stem Cell Dreams
The long-planned Stem Cell Institute of New Jersey died quietly last week - so quietly, in fact, that some of its prominent backers were caught unaware.

Australia expands stem cell research to cloning and reprogramming
Scientists in Australia may become the next to try obtaining stem cells from clonal human embryos. The big question remains vague: How will the researchers obtain the human eggs?


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