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Americans: Cloning, IGM Research

by Peter MooreYouGov
January 21st, 2014

In this YouGov/Huffington Post poll, the questions are:

Which comes closest to your opinion about scientific research on human, plant and animal DNA?

I worry that this research poses unforeseen dangers 11%
Im excited that this research could lead to major scientific breakthroughs 38%
Both of these 33%
Neither 6%
Not sure 12%

Would you approve or disapprove of scientists using DNA and cloning technology to bring woolly mammoths and other extinct species back to life?

Strongly approve 8%
Somewhat approve 19%
Somewhat disapprove 21%
Strongly disapprove 34%
Not sure 18%

Would you approve or disapprove of scientists using research on human DNA to produce children with unusually high intelligence or other special attributes?

Strongly approve 4%
Somewhat approve 12%
Somewhat disapprove 20%
Strongly disapprove 52%
Not sure 12%

How worried are you, if at all, that scientific research into human or animal DNA might lead to scientists "playing god" with things that should remain outside the realm of science?

Very worried 35%
Somewhat worried 37%
Not very worried 15%
Not at all worried 4%
Not sure 10%

Click here to see full tables and demographic crossbreaks


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